Draw Sexy Women EASY using the Vampire Tooth Method!

Have you had trouble drawing sexy curvacious women for comics, painting, or other graphic illustrations? I have the solution for you! I’m not trying to sell you anything or ask for anything in return. So put that wallet away lol! Let me explain my struggle and the solution I’ve found that works for me (and may work for you too).

In my search to figure out how to draw pretty women for comics, I’ve seen it all, videos, books, articles in magazines, and a few classes. Some stuff was helpful while other things seemed to be nothing more than paying the other person to show their skills in rendering provocative beautiful women while NOT LEARNING HOW THEY DO IT.

From all that I’ve learned, there are many methods to draw gorgeous women, from breaking down human anatomy into basic shapes (which I think is the way to go and I’ll explain further in a bit), gesture drawing, reference, and practice. Which all of the above is very important.

So one day, I decided enough is enough and I sat down determined to figure it out on my own. To find my own way to draw foxy ladies. And I did! The number one thing I will tell right off the bat is to break down human anatomy into basic shapes. It can be whatever shape you want as long as the end result looks like what you’re going for. Connect it all together and add the details, and voila!

So rather than bore you with more wordsmithing, please watch the video in this article. In the video, I show you MULTIPLE times one method for one pose for drawing elegant ladies. I call it the VAMPIRE TOOTH METHOD. It’s simple, and with practice, you can do it too. Practice along with the video until you got the gist of it. Give it a try! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

If you found the video helpful, please Subscribe, and maybe leave a comment! If not, that is fine too. I’m just glad you’re taking the time to watch the video and I sincerely hope my method helps you too. -C.B

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