The WILDCAT ANTHOLOGY COMIC – How did we get here?

Hello there!

My name is C.B Smallwood and I’m a comic artist/writer. I’m the creator of Wildcat and publisher of New Empire Comics est 2017.

So what’s the deal with Wildcat and why should you care? Good question! You may want to get comfortable what time I lay out this tale! I created Wildcat sometime around 1995 in the midst of what was one of the most exciting decades in comics! Wildcat is the culmination of that time period (as well as movies). He’s Wolverine, Snake Plisken, Tank Police, Macho Man Randy Savage, 90’s Image Comics, and Swamp Thing all rolled into one. So much went into him. A bit here, a bit there, and pretty soon I had my own Frankenstein creation!

So what is Wildcats story? Decades ago he was butchered and murdered by 6 mysterious strangers and now he has returned from the grave for revenge. With no memory of who he is or why he is different. He befriends a teen named Megan, and together they search for answers on their road to redemption and truth.

Wildcat has a healing factor, grey skin, very strong, a rock arm, a cybernetic eye, and razor-sharp talons. I told you, he is a creation of the 90s’!

So that is Wildcat. So now the second part of the question is: Why should you care? Read on true believer!

So from the 90s’, 00s’, and 10s’, almost 30 years, Wildcat has sat on the shelf in stacks of sketches and in the dark corners of my brain.

It wasn’t until 2017 at the birth of my son that I started to get serious about being a comic artist and doing something with Wildcat. And so, my journey begin. Starting first with participating in the 100 Days of Making Comics Challenge which was created by Kevin Cross. Its a personally challenge, where for 100 days, each & every day you work on your comic for at least 30 minutes a day, and upload a video to Youtube to be held accountable.

I did just that and out of that challenge I drew what would have been the first issue of Wildcat. Sometime later I would do an IndieGoGo campaign for the book and it would go on to fail its funding goal. I raised around $600 of a $1,500 goal. Which isn’t bad for a unknown comic, unknown character, and unknown creator! Rather than accepting this as a stumbling block I instead turned into a stepping stone to where I wanted to be.

That pretty closely brings us to now.

Me and many of my fantastic artist/writer friends have gotten together to make an anthology book about Wildcat! Crazy how it all came together as it was just an idea that I had said in passing. And now, it’s taken on a life of its own. There are 6 different creative teams, 6 different stories, in one big awesome book! It looks like we are going to have close to 100 pages!

In putting the Anthology together, I decided to make it a bit horror/action-themed. Harkening back to the days of horror comics and magazines. More than anything I want the comic to be a fun enjoyable read. Which I think when all is said and done, it will be!

So to answer the question I posed earlier, why should you care: A lot of love has gone into this book. Not just by me, but also by all the wonderfully talented creative teams that have contributed. This is your chance to support the next big artist or the next big writer before they hit the big time! This book will be collectible based on that, the rarity of print, and you’re going to hear from Wildcat again so hold on to that comic! This is your chance to support an upcoming comic creator, his creation, and his new comic book company.

And lastly, I really do believe you will enjoy this book.

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