Below is some random art by me. All the pieces below are penciled, inked, and colored by me unless other wise stated. There is also some works of art that are of other peoples characters, I will be sure to give proper credit by using '(Fan Art)'. I'll try to credit the creators/owners better as I work on the website. - C.B

The Fox
Wildcat in the woods
Shinobi Sasquatch (Fan Art)
Wildcat 2000 Twitter Followers
Wildcat wanted
That Umbrella Guy (Contest piece)
Shinobi Sasquatch (Fan Art Inks/Colors)
The Oddity (Fan Art)
HIRO (Fan Art)
HIRO (Fan Art Inks/Colors)
Secret Project I'm working on...
Wildcat with Black Claws
Wildcat in the city
Wildcat Sitting
Wildcat Fox
100 Days To Earth
Wildcat Scary
Wildcat Crawling