This is an 80 page Anthology Comic about WILDCAT, a character straight out of 90s’! Wildcat is captured by evil Dr.Terror where he is tortured and experimented on for the whereabouts of the Azkani Shugorn and not long after the Mayhem ensues!

Six Different Creative Teams with Six Different Stories featuring Up-and-Coming Indie Comics Creators!

We have 30 days to get it funded will you please consider backing this book and/or sharing the link to the campaign with others?  I’m gonna pester you a bit for the next 30 days, but I have to! You may not see the email I send you or the Twitter post, or Facebook post, or even my live streams on Youtube. So it’s important that I make every effort to reach you and others if this campaign is to be successful!

Thank you for your help.

– C.B. Smallwood

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